Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Station Casinos Brings Back Some Much Needed Specials

Just last week, Las Vegas local casino giant Station Casinos finally brought back some much needed graveyard food specials. From what the server told me, it's been a hit with the locals and it's brought some much needed bodies into the establishment.

My feeling has always been that if you are willing to eat at some off beat hours, you should be rewarded for it! Such as...past midnight. It's late, you are still bopping around and your dinner has unfortunately been long gone. You just want a snack for a few bucks, where can you go besides the Del Taco drive thru where you can get two egg muffin sandwiches for three bucks?

Enter: Station Casinos. You've got plenty to choose from. If you are on the Strip and visiting Las Vegas, go to Palace Station, it's just off the Sahara and I-15 exit. If you are a local, then I don't have to tell you, you already know where they are.

Here's the low down, the new graveyard specials menu. The price starts at $1.99. Really really awesome! You can choose from breakfast dishes and the only non-breakfast dish on the menu is the 1/4 lb burger and fries ($2.99). The $1.99 breakfast consists of eggs, potatoes, and one piece of toast. There's also biscuits and gravy for $1.99. You can also get a short stack of pancakes for $1.99. The next tier is the other breakfast I had written about before, the eggs, choice of meat, potatoes and toast for $3.99. There's the chicken fried steak and eggs and NY Strip steak and eggs. Those are $4.99-$5.99 if memory serves me correct. Either way, the server assured me that the portion size was equal to the regular size even with the lower cost.

You can't go wrong. Restaurant servers were excited about the promotions and I bet a lot of locals like myself are equally as excited.

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