Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hard Rock's Mr. Lucky's 24/7 Cafe

While not getting as much for your buck as Ellis Island's steak special, Hard Rock Hotel's Mr. Lucky's 24/7 Cafe comes pretty close for the setting...meaning lots to do before and after you eat. At Ellis Island, you don't really hang out there for a long period of time, but at Hard Rock you can.

The $7.77 Steak and Shrimp special has been around for quite a while and I had it last night. However, I could have sworn that the dinner used to come with vegetables. Well, if it once did, it doesn't now. You get your salad - which now they chop up your tomatoes versus before you got cherry tomatoes that would burst in your mouth. It seems that certain servers like to put croutons on the salad and some don't. I specifically requested that I get croutons and the server accommodated quite generously.

You get your choice of a potato - mashed (garlic if my taste buds serve me correct), baked or french fries. I went for the mashed although it does not come with any gravy. My friend got a baked potato which...let's just say it wouldn't be on the top of my list. I saw someone else get french fries...I guess you can't go wrong with that if you want some fried food. 

The steak I ordered medium rare and am happy to report that it was cooked perfectly. It was still a nice sized steak because in this day, you would think that kitchens would be downsizing the "special" steak. Not the case here I am happy to say.

Recently, Mr. Lucky's added graveyard specials which is great. Sometimes this can be a lost feature at most mainstream casino establishments in Vegas. From midnight to 8 am, you can get a Steak and Eggs special for $4.99 and a hamburger special for $3.99. The asterisk says that you need to have a player's card - so no sweat - that's a freebie anyways and it let's them track your every move. 

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