Sunday, August 10, 2014

UPDATE: Tacos & Beer

I find it a a lot...unfortunate that I have to post an update to my Tacos & Beer Happy Hour post. I truly love this place and their tacos, but it's a bummer that they have changed the Happy Hour for at least the third time since I've been going there starting a few weeks ago.

The change? Well, the food is still great, don't get me wrong. That is a major plus in my book. However, the Happy Hour menu continues to shrink. I invited some very good friends to join my husband and me for late night on Friday. I was excited to share our latest discovery with them. I excitedly flip open the Happy Hour menu and an immediate OMG comes across my face. ALL of the fish tacos are off the Happy Hour Menu and the taco selection has been reduced to four. Whaaaat?

The server, who will remain nameless because every time I go there, I request them, was clearly disappointed that I was disappointed in the Happy Hour reduction of selection. "But why??!?!?" I ask the server. "This place deserves a chance and Happy Hour is a great way for people to discover how great the food is at an affordable price and then make them a loyal customer." The server sighs and replies, "I know...but we can't really say anything."

Well, that's a shame. It really is. It's Friday night and the place is near empty. Well, OK. Let's reduce the offerings?!?? I don't get it.

Enough of my rant but here's the update on the Tacos on special during Happy Hour:

Chicken Tinga
Puerco Verde
Beef Adobada
Bean and Cheese

All Mexican beers remain on Happy Hour at $3 each.

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