Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Arizona Charlie's Super Special Graveyard Buffet

So Arizona Charlie's Casino on Decatur has a Ham and Eggs and Steak and Eggs breakfast special in their Sourdough Cafe (next blog!), however, I stumbled upon - on accident - another deal that only happens every other Tuesday evening through the morning. I was headed to Arizona Charlie's because I was craving breakfast for dinner. Yes, I wanted Steak and Eggs just after 8 PM. I walked up to the Sourdough Cafe in AZ Charlie's and saw the dreaded sign: Closed for Cleaning from 8 PM-6 AM. Ugh! My plans ruined!

Reluctantly, I headed upstairs to their buffet. My $3.99 Steak and Eggs breakfast/dinner was about to become a $11+ expenditure. Well, let me tell you that I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the buffet sign that read: Graveyard Buffet 8 PM-6 AM. $6.99 regular price. $6.29 with your Blue Ace Play Card. $5.24 with your Orange, Green or Red Ace Play Card.

Yes! They had definitely compensated for the inconvenience of the closing of the Sourdough Cafe for cleaning and gave their diners a perk for eating at the buffet. So, this Graveyard Buffet ONLY happens when the cafe is undergoing cleaning. Yesterday, April 2nd was a cleaning day. So, count on your calendar for "every other Tuesday" to find this buffet.

The buffet overall is quite fair. I think their salad bar is pretty good. There's lots of veggies to choose from and two pots of hot soup at the end of the line. Now, on the special Graveyard Buffet price, they do close down the Asian section which typically has an on-the-spot Stir Fry where you pick your veggie combo. I enjoy that. The American/Italian section has a carving station with ham and beef brisket. There's spaghetti and sauce and your starches as normal. The Mexican section has tamales and taquitos as well as a sign that shows Fajitas made-to-order. Now, I didn't see the guy, so I'm not sure if it was actually available on the "special" night.

The dessert bar has plenty of selection and they even have pies that aren't readily seen. For example, I saw someone ask the dessert server for Key Lime Pie and it comes out of the fridge. It's tucked away so you don't know, unless you know, that it's available. They probably have a few items like that.

Overall, for the price you pay, it's not a bad deal at all.

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