Sunday, November 4, 2012

Einstein Bagels Offers Late Day Discounts

If you are like me and just eat bagels as they are, then this latest Einstein Bagels special is right up your alley. Monday-Friday, from 3-5 PM, they offer 25% off of their bagels. Sure, it makes sense. It's late in the day and they are about to close and what better way to unload their bagels to customers than a discount?

While I typically like to enjoy the freshest bagels that come out in the morning, a 25% discount could definitely entice me in there for a late afternoon snack.

I used to always get the Asiago Cheese Bagel, but lately I've been having the Everything Bagel and the Cinnamon Sugar Bagel toasted with a side of butter. I'm not a big cream cheese person so I can't really attest to the new cream cheeses. Either way, all of their bagels are good and it's really up to what your tastebuds are looking for, something sweet or salty?

Bagels typically run anywhere from $1.10-$1.70 - depending on if you pick a Classic, Signature or Gourmet bagel. You really can't go wrong with any flavor.

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