Friday, August 31, 2012

LABOR DAY ALERT: Military Appreciation at Miller's Ale House!

While there is a great reason to visit Miller's Ale House (Town Square Retail Mall on South Strip - Las Vegas Blvd.) this Labor Day (Sept. 3) if you are a Veteran, current serving member or a reserve on the Nation's Armed Forces, this restaurant always has great food with great prices and quite an expansive menu.

I'll get to the Labor Day offer first. As I said above, if you are in that criteria, you will receive 50% off your entree, just show your valid Military ID or VA card and you'll get the discount. Simple as that!

Now, I'll talk more about Miller's dishes. They are known for their generous portions and I have dined her regularly throughout the past two years. On the appetizers side, there is the Chicken Nachos. I remember dining there once and a group of guys all shared it. It was huge! Just huge! So in one of my subsequent visits, I did try it and it was really good. Albeit that it's an appetizer, between sharing it with one other person, I was done. I was full. No entree item needed!

One of my favorite dishes here is their English Style Fish and Chips. No joke, it's an extremely generous portion that I ALWAYS share with someone else. I never tackle this dish alone because overeating simply doesn't feel good. Plus, eating half of the dish - you get the point that it's good. It's got a great type of light breading on it which I appreciate because I feel like I'm eating the fish and not a bunch of coating. It comes with fries and some coleslaw. Price: $9.95 - Trust me. Well worth it! You don't find Fish and Chips at that price for the size anywhere else that I've seen in Vegas.

A specialty of theirs is the Zingers. Boneless, skinless chicken breast pieces that are coated lightly and friend with their special sauces. The coating and the unique sauces is really what makes this an awesome appetizer. A server once mixed Hot with Garlic and that was a great combo!

Every Monday-Friday, Miller's has a Lunch Special menu where there is always an item that is $4.99 and one that is $5.99. These items are usually a sandwich and a dish like Chicken Pot Pie or Meatloaf.

Every night as well, Miller's has a fantastic Dinner Special. I particularly like Mondays because I've tried it before and that's the $10.99 1 1/4 Pound Full Rack of Baby Back Ribs that fall off the bone. It is served with fries and coleslaw. This is another "Share It" dish in my book. It's simply too much to eat it all yourself.

Another day of interest may be Wednesday where it's a 1 1/4 lb steamed Whole Maine Lobster for $14.95. I haven't tried this dish only because I'm allergic to lobster. However, I do know the price of lobster so this definitely seems like a great deal.

The environment at Miller's is that of a sports bar/restaurant one. You have an indoor patio that is covered with their large windows/shutters opened during nice weather and you have the bar and regular family dinner areas. There are many many screens everywhere and you can watch you sports games there as you dine.

So special occasion or not, Miller's always has a great deal.

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